Every Lookout in Oregon

Oregon’s Standing Lookouts

Here is a directory of fire lookouts that are still standing in Oregon, 162 of them as of September 2020. Not all of these lookouts are standing in their original locations. I only included structures, not crow’s nest lookouts. The areas refer to the regions defined in Ray Kresek’s book Fire Lookouts of the Northwest as well as the firelookout.com website. If you have any updates about the status of a lookout, please let me know.

* Indicates a lookout that is on private property, reservation land, or is otherwise inaccessible to the public.

Bull of the WoodsMt. Hood National ForestArea 15,523'1942Abandoned
Clear Lake ButteMt. Hood National ForestArea 14,458'1962Staffed/Rental
Devil's PeakMt. Hood National ForestArea 15,045'1949Abandoned
Fivemile ButteMt. Hood National ForestArea 14,627'1957Rental
Flag PointMt. Hood National ForestArea 15,651'1973Staffed/Rental
Hickman Butte*Mt. Hood National ForestArea 14,835'1952Staffed
Sisi ButteMt. Hood National ForestArea 15,617'1996Staffed
Eagle ButteWarm Springs Indian ReservationArea 13,175'1935Staffed
Shitike ButteWarm Springs Indian ReservationArea 15,080'1935Staffed
Sidwalter ButteWarm Springs Indian ReservationArea 13,610'1965Staffed
Lookout MountainSantiam State ForestArea 14,421'1965Abandoned
Pechuck MountainTable Rock WildernessArea 14,339'1932Abandoned
Hopkins Demonstration ForestPrivateArea 12010Being reconstructed
Black ButteWillamette National ForestArea 16,4361923Abandoned
Black ButteWillamette National ForestArea 16,4361995Staffed
Carpenter MountainWillamette National ForestArea 45,369'1935Staffed
Coffin MountainWillamette National ForestArea 45,771'1984Staffed
Gold ButteWillamette National ForestArea 14,618'1934Rental
Green RidgeWillamette National ForestArea 15,400'1961Staffed/Rental
Huckleberry MountainWillamette National ForestArea 45,549'1939Staffed
Indian RidgeWillamette National ForestArea 45,405'1958Staffed/Rental
Little CowhornWillamette National ForestArea 44,255'1960Abandoned
Saddleblanket MountainWillamette National ForestArea 44,969'1927Abandoned
Waldo MountainWillamette National ForestArea 46,357'1957Staffed
Warner MountainWillamette National ForestArea 45,7231986Staffed/Rental
Sand MountainWillamette National ForestArea 45,459'1989Staffed
Henkle/Hinkle ButteOregon Department of ForestryArea 43,4121961Staffed
Big Rock / Green MountainLinn Forest Protective AssociationArea 44,509'1950Abandoned
Green PeterLinn Forest Protective AssociationArea 43,977'1970Unmanned - cameras in use
Green MountainBLMArea 55,190'1963Staffed
East ButteDeschutes National ForestArea 56,400'1995Staffed
Fox ButteDescutes National ForestArea 56,025'1933Unmanned
Lava ButteDeschutes National ForestArea 55,0161998Staffed
Round MountainDeschutes National ForestArea 45,900'1933Staffed
Odell ButteDeschutes National ForestArea 57,033'1963Staffed
Trout Creek ButteDeschutes National ForestArea 45,546'1933Abandoned
Spring ButteDeschutes National ForestArea 55,462'1992Staffed
Walker MountainDeschutes National ForestArea 57,078'1932Abandoned
Abbott ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 36,130'1939Abandoned
Acker RockUmpqua National ForestArea 34,112'1964Rental
Cinnamon ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 36,417'1976Staffed
Fairview PeakUmpqua National ForestArea 35,933'1972Rental
Garwood ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 37,017'1942Abandoned
Illahee RockUmpqua National ForestArea 35,392'1956Staffed
Pickett ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 33,292'1948Staffed/Rental
Pig IronUmpqua National ForestArea 34,881'1950Staffed
Red ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 35,275'1953Abandoned
Tiller Ranger StationUmpqua National ForestArea 31,043'1985Exhibit
Watson ButteUmpqua National ForestArea 35,687'1937Abandoned
Bald KnobRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 33,630'1963Rental
Bolan MountainRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 36,269'1953Rental
Dutchman's PeakRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 37,418'1927Staffed
Halls PointRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 35,006'1956Staffed
Herschberger MountainRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 36,200'1925Unmanned
Lake O' the WoodsRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 33,4191974Rental
Onion MountainRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 34,438'1952Staffed
Pearsoll PeakRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 35,098'1954Abandoned
Quail PrairieRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 33,033'1963Abandoned
Robinson ButteRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 35,864'1974Abandoned
Rustler PeakRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 36,208'1948Staffed
Snow Camp MountainRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 34,223'2004Rental
Squaw PeakRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 34,964'1943Rental
Mt. StellaRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 34,715'1946Abandoned
WildhorseRogue River Siskiyou National ForestArea 33,778'1947Abandoned
Baughman MountainDouglas Forest Protective AssociationArea 32,866'1953Unmanned
Bland MountainDouglas Forest Protective AssociationArea 32,696'1996Unmanned
Dutchman ButteDouglas Forest Protective AssociationArea 33,907'1970Unmanned
Harness MountainDouglas Forest Protective AssociationArea 33,364'1963Unmanned
Yellow ButteDouglas Forest Protective AssociationArea 32,454'1943Unmanned
Bunker HillCoos Forest Protective AssociationArea 3240'1996Unmanned
Cougar PassCoos Forest Protective AssociationArea 31,750'1936Abandoned
Eden RidgeCoos Forest Protective AssociationArea 33,485'1960Unmanned
Edson Butte*Coos Forest Protective AssociationArea 32,786'2008Unmanned
Grizzly MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 32,339'1952Unmanned
Little GraybackOregon Department of ForestryArea 35,1491981Staffed
Round TopOregon Department of ForestryArea 34,658'1973Staffed
Sexton MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 33,834'2006Staffed
Soda MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 36,091'1962Staffed
Table MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 36,113'1958Abandoned
White PointOregon Department of ForestryArea 35,075'1974Staffed
Mt. ScottCrater Lake National ParkArea 58,962'1952Unmanned
The WatchmanCrater Lake National ParkArea 58,056'1931Staffed
Applegate ButteFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,079'1936Abandoned
Bald MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 57,396'1947Unmanned
Bald ButteFremont Winema National ForestArea 57,536'1931Rental
Callimus ButteFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,622'1930Staffed
Dog MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,936'1997Staffed
Drake PeakFremont Winema National ForestArea 58,222'1948Rental
Hager MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 57,185'1967Staffed/Rental
Horsefly MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,466'1957Staffed
Lookout RockFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,508'1962Unmanned
Morgan ButteFremont Winema National ForestArea 57,234'1964Staffed
Pelican ButteFremont Winema National ForestArea 58,035'1986Unmanned
Spodue MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,421'1965Staffed
Sugarpine MountainFremont Winema National ForestArea 56,393'1970Staffed
Bryant MountainBureau of Land ManagementArea 56,461'1980Unmanned
Green MountainBureau of Land ManagementArea 55,190'2010Staffed
Hogback MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 56,200'1988Staffed
Parker MountainOregon Department of ForestryArea 55,210'1997Staffed
Chase MountainKlamath Forest Protective AssociationArea 56,349'1951Staffed
Bear ButteKlamath Forest Protective AssociationArea 55,527'1949Abandoned
BlyFremont-Winema National ForestArea 54,400'19502Unmanned - Cabin moved to park after tower at ranger station removed
Aldrich MountainOchoco National ForestArea 66,988'1960Staffed
Bald ButteOchoco National ForestArea 65,920'1959Abandoned
Dry MountainOchoco National ForestArea 66,281'1932Unmanned
Mt. PisgahOchoco National ForestArea 66,816'1964Staffed
Tower PointOchoco National ForestArea 66,086'1955Staffed
Wolf MountainOchoco National ForestArea 66,843'1947Staffed
Mackey ButtePrivateArea 65,512'1935Abandoned
Antelope MountainMalheur National ForestArea 66,456'1974Staffed
Black ButteMalheur National ForestArea 66,235'1933Unmanned
Calamity ButteMalheur National ForestArea 66,695'1996Staffed
Dixie ButteMalheur National ForestArea 67,592'1968Staffed
Dry SodaMalheur National ForestArea 65,593'1941Staffed
Fall MountainMalheur National ForestArea 65,946'1933Rental
Flagtail MountainMalheur National ForestArea 66,584'1966Staffed
Frazier PointMalheur National ForestArea 66,290'1936Abandoned
Indian RockMalheur National ForestArea 67,353'1957Staffed
King MountainMalheur National ForestArea 66,678'1957Unmanned
Prairie CityMalheur National ForestArea 63,664'1930Unmanned
Snow MountainMalheur National ForestArea 67,163'1961Staffed
Sugarloaf MountainMalheur National ForestArea 66,128'1949Staffed
West Myrtle ButteMalheur National ForestArea 66,384'1928Unmanned
Sod HouseMalheur National Wildlife RefugeArea 64,2001933Abandoned
P RanchMalheur National Wildlife RefugeArea 64,190'1933Abandoned
Foley Butte*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 65,484'1953Staffed
Gerow Butte*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 65,688'1934Staffed
Rancheria Rock*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 64,909'1930Abandoned
Ritter ButteOregon Department of ForestryArea 64,200'1950Staffed
Snow Board Ridge*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 65,112'1952Abandoned
Stephenson Mountain*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 65,956'1963Staffed
Desolation ButteUmatilla National ForestArea 67,028'1961Staffed
Bone PointUmatilla National ForestArea 64,527'1961Unmanned
Madison ButteUmatilla National ForestArea 65,711'1957Staffed
Tamarack MountainUmatilla National ForestArea 64,979'1933Unmanned (ground cabin rental)
Goodman RidgeUmatilla National ForestArea 75,218'1936Abandoned
High RidgeUmatilla National ForestArea 75,303'1959Unmanned
Hoodoo RidgeUmatilla National ForestArea 74,219'1933Abandoned
Lookout MountainUmatilla National ForestArea 75,229'1948Staffed
Tower MountainUmatilla National ForestArea 76,850'1935Staffed
Unity Ranger StationUmatilla National ForestArea 74,000'1938Unmanned
Riddle MountainBureau of Land ManagementArea 66,352'1964Unmanned
Wagontire MountainBureau of Land ManagementArea 66,510'1967Staffed
Big Lookout MountainBureau of Land ManagementArea 77,120'1963Staffed
Mt. IrelandWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 68,346'1957Staffed
Buckhorn PeakWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 75,331'1947Abandoned
Harl ButteWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 76,071'1954Staffed
Hat PointWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 76,982'1948Staffed
Johnson RockWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 75,714'1952Staffed
McGrawWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 76,020'1965Unmanned
Mule PeakWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 78,679'1924Staffed
Pine Ranger StationWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 72,600'1938Unmanned
Point ProminenceWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 76,745'1954Staffed
Red HillWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 75,020'1947Unmanned
Russel MountainWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 77,5081941Unmanned
Summit PointWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 77,006'1951Staffed
Table RockWallowa-Whitman National ForestArea 77,815'1937Staffed
Courtney Butte*Oregon Department of ForestryArea 74,813'1955Unknown
Mt. HarrisOregon Department of ForestryArea 76,071'1971Abandoned
Elk Mountain*PrivateArea 75,122'1933Abandoned
Glass Hill*PrivateArea 75,391'1936Unknown
Howard Butte*PrivateArea 74,314'1941Abandoned
Tope Creek*PrivateArea 74,720'1936Unmanned
Long Ridge*PrivateArea 74,875'1960Unmanned - Moved here in 2016 from Tiptop

Here is a map of every standing fire lookout in Oregon. The markers with black dots indicate lookouts that I’ve visited.

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