Indian Ridge

Type:¬†20′ R-6 tower
Status: Rental
Elevation: 5,405 feet
Visited: July 3, 2015

I have thus far been unsuccessful in snagging a reservation at the Indian Ridge lookout, but since I was in the area last weekend I decided to drive up and have a look at it. I’m going to have to try harder to get a reservation here because the views are pretty amazing! The Three Sisters are front and center:

Three Sisters

Mt. Jefferson:

Mt. Jefferson

Diamond Peak:

Diamond Peak

Here’s a panorama looking east along the Cascades. Spectacular!

Indian Ridge panorama

The lookout was occupied, of course. A car was there, but it was very quiet and I think the renters were taking a nap. Wise choice on this hot afternoon.


Indian Ridge Lookout

Looks like there was a good beargrass bloom up here a few weeks ago.


A parting view of the lookout on the way back down:

Indian Ridge Lookout

UPDATE: I rented this tower in 2019. Read about that experience here.