Every Lookout in Oregon

Odell Butte

Type: 30′ tower with R-6 cabin
Status: Staffed in summer
Elevation: 7,033 feet
Visited: July 28, 2013

Greg and I went to visit the lookout on Odell Butte after camping with friends near Waldo Lake. The road to the top is in good shape but visitors aren’t allowed to drive all the way up. We parked at a gate and walked the rest of the way. The gate is secured with numerous padlocks. A little Forest Service humor, maybe?

Many padlocks

After a short 0.8mi walk we reached the tower. A lookout has been located here since 1916. This is the third one, built in 1963.

Odell Butte Lookout

Odell Butte Lookout

The guy in the tower came out on the catwalk but didn’t respond to our “good morning” greeting. So we climbed up on the rocks nearby to enjoy the views. Diamond Peak feels like a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Diamond Peak

The summit is home not just to the lookout but to many different radio towers.

Odell Butte equipment