Fivemile Butte

Type: 30′ tower with R-6 cabin
Status: Rental
Elevation: 4,627 feet
Visited: September 23, 2012

After finding the crow’s nest at Joe’s Point Greg and I headed up to check out the Fivemile Butte lookout. The last stretch of access road is gated and we had to walk the final half-mile to the lookout.

Fire lookout

The 1957 tower is part of the rental program, although no one was staying there when we visited. It’s available for rent year-round since it’s only about a three-mile trek through the snow from the nearest sno park in winter.

Fivemile Butte fire lookout

We were able to climb the staircase of the tower but a locked grate kept us from accessing the the catwalk. Only renters get the combination.

Lookout sign

There’s a nice firepit and picnic area nearby.

Picnic spot