Every Lookout in Oregon

Acker Rock

Type: R-6 ground cabin
Status: Staffed in emergencies; available to rent from August through October
Elevation: 4,112 feet
Visited: June 26, 2015

When were planning our long weekend in the area my first choice for a lookout rental was Acker Rock. But due to nesting falcons the lookout isn’t available to rent until August. So we stayed at Pickett Butte instead and settled for a quick visit to Acker Rock.

You used to be able to drive Road 950 to the trailhead, but now the road is gated, adding an unexpected mile-long road hike to our trek.

Acker Rock straight ahead. The lookout is on the other side, not visible from here.

After a mile of hot road hiking we reached the trailhead and were happy to be cool shady trail.

Just before the lookout is a potty with a mighty fine view:

Arriving at the lookout, which is perched on a rock and hangs out over thin air.

The views are pretty great. This is looking east. Pickett Butte is one of those humps, I think.

Looking north:

Greg admiring the view:

While we were at the lookout two people arrived. One of them was Lori Depew, a lookout who was training a new guy at Acker Rock. We chatted with them for a little bit before heading back down.

I still want to rent this one sometime. What a beautiful setting!