Cone Peak

July 26, 2008

Greg and I went camping at Marion Forks Campground a few weeks ago and did lots of great hikes. The first one we did was Cone Peak, which is right next to Iron Mountain. We didn’t do the whole trail, just up to Cone Peak and back. The wildflowers were wonderful! (Greg wrote up a wildflower report on his website.)

A wide shot of the flowered slopes of Cone Peak

Very cool cloud formation

Some of the wildflowers we saw up there…






And finally, looking west at Iron Mountain and the view beyond


Great little hike with beautiful flowers! As with everything this year, the blooms were several weeks behind. The flowers were at peak when we were there on July 26, but last year I hiked there on the 4th of July and they were at peak, which I think is more normal.

After this hike, we headed to nearby Echo Basin for more wildflower action!