Timberline Lodge Weekend

Timberline Lodge is a beautiful old lodge high up on Mt. Hood. I’ve always wanted to stay there so last weekend we splurged and spent Saturday night there.

On Saturday we went snowshoeing at White River Sno Park before heading to the lodge to check in. We’ve been having an unusually dry winter this year so there wasn’t nearly as much snow up there as we normally see in January.

Mt. Hood


Mt. Hood

We headed up to the lodge, which was bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun, as was the mountain behind it.

Evening at Timberline Lodge

Mt. Hood sunset

Our cozy room had a south-facing view of Mt. Jefferson. Lovely!

Cozy room

Room with a view

Before dinner we poked around. I’ve been in the building many times over the years, but I’ve never taken the time to look closely at how lovely the artwork and craftsmanship is.

Linoleum art

Dinner in the Cascade Dining Room was absolutely fabulous. We ordered the Columbia River salmon and that night’s special, which was mahi mahi served over risotto. Both dishes were superb!

Cascade Dining Room

Sunrise in the morning was lovely.

Sunrise at Timberline Lodge

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet in the Cascade Dining Room which included an astonishing array of food: waffles, eggs, biscuits and gravy, roasted potatoes, fresh fruit, artisan cheese and much more. After breakfast we checked out, put our stuff in the car, and snowshoed up to Silcox Hut on yet another gorgeous day. It was actually pretty warm out. I felt overdressed and hot in my winter snow clothes.