Date of visit: May 26, 2012
Population: 329 (2010 Census)

The little town of Ione was established in the 1880s. An early resident of the town, Joseph A. Woolery, moved there in early 1890s and set up a general store. He became a successful merchant and served as the town’s postmaster. He was elected as the town’s first mayor. He built a beautiful house in 1900 which still stands today (serving as a B&B). He was so respited and revered that when he died in March 1908 an estimated thousand people gathered for his funeral.

Welcome to Ione

Main Street
Ione’s main street

City Hall and library
City Hall and library

Old street signs as artwork in the city park

Woolery House
The historic Woolery House is now a B&B

Old house
A crumbling old house

Old grain elevator

St. Williams Catholic Church
St. Williams Catholic Church

FIrst fire hydrant
Ione’s first fire hydrant

Map of Ione

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