Horsetail Falls loop to Triple Falls

On Memorial Day I had the crazy idea to take some friends hiking in the Gorge. Fortunately we got an early start because it was crowded out there! We did the loop that starts at Horsetail Falls, goes up behind Ponytail Falls and past Middle Oneonta Falls, and then up to Triple Falls. Of course everything is vivid green and there are lots of wildflowers blooming along the trail. This is a really pleasant hike, and even though there’s some elevation gain, it’s a good trail for newbie hikers since there’s plenty of scenery and the total distance comes out to about 4.5 miles.

I never cease to be impressed at walking behind a waterfall.
Behind the falls

Middle Oneonta Falls. This summer I really want to “hike” up the creek to see Lower Oneonta Falls.
Middle Oneonta Falls

Lovely Triple Falls, our lunch spot.
Triple Falls