Canadian Rockies Day 11: Columbia Headwaters

August 6, 2016

The last day of our trip was gray and rainy so we did not hike. Instead we drove down to the little community of Canal Flats. There’s a little interpretive trail winding through the wetlands there and we wanted to see it because these wetlands are where the mighty Columbia River begins. I live near the river about 1,200 miles downstream where it is wide and HUGE. It was very cool to see the spot where it all begins.

Head of the Columbia

Head of the Columbia

The wetland is at the head of Columbia Lake. We stopped at a roadside viewpoint off Highway 95 to check out the view of the lake.

Columbia Lake

With such wet miserable weather, we had perfect conditions for visiting the hot springs. (On a side note, I don’t get the attraction of visiting hot springs during warm weather.) So we went to Radium Hot Springs and enjoyed a nice hot soak.


After eating dinner in Invermere we found a geocache with a view. Well, not today, as the day’s clouds were clinging to the mountains.

Non-view in Invermere

On the way back to the hotel we saw a bighorn sheep near the road. Based on the signs and warnings we saw all over this area, the sheep love to hang out here and are a common sight.

Bighorn Sheep

This was the view looking west from our hotel that evening. A beautiful sight to end our trip with!

Sunset view

So that was our Canadian Rockies trip! What an insanely gorgeous place. We definitely want to go back and do more exploring and hiking.

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