Date of visit: May 26, 2012
Population: 21 (2010 Census)

Lonerock is a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, named after an enormous 35-foot-tall rock behind the church. The community was established in 1881 as a service center for the surrounding ranches, then incorporated in 1901. The town is so tiny that its population peaked at 82 in 1930 and has been in decline ever since.

The nearest town is Condon, about 20 miles away, about half of that being gravel road.

Welcome to Lonerock
Welcome to Lonerock

Post office
The “post office”

Old Community Hall
Old community hall

New Community Hall
New community hall

The lone rock
The famous rock behind the church

Former schoolhouse
The old schoolhouse is now a private home

Town jail
The old town jail

Map of Lonerock

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