Eagle Cap Wilderness

Back in mid-August Greg and I spent a week exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon. What a beautiful place! We plan to go there again next summer.

Maxwell Lake, the destination of a beautiful day hike we did on our first day

Horseshoe Lake, where we camped the first night of our four-day three-night backpacking trek

Horseshoe Lake at dusk

View from Culper Pass looking down on Moccasin Lake, Mirror Lake (where we camped that night) and Upper Lake

Sunset at Mirror Lake that night

The next morning at Mirror Lake

Sunshine Lake, just down the trail from Mirror Lake

Looking down on Glacier Lake, where we would camp our final night

Greg crossing the outlet of Glacier Lake

Dusk at Glacier Lake

Morning at Glacier Lake

Exploring Mt. Howard, which we summited via a handy tram

Lower Bonny Lake
Lower Bonny Lake, the destination of our last day hike of the trip

Looking west from Dollar Pass

The fire lookout at Point Prominence, which we drove most of the way to before the road got too rough

The fire lookout on Mt. Harris, which has been abandoned by the Forest Service and now serves as support for radio equipment

Admiring the view at Vinny Viewpoint

The cab blew off the top of the fire lookout on Goodman Ridge a few years back