Every town in Oregon

When you’re on a road trip, just trying to get from point A to point B, do you ever drive by all those freeway exits denoting one small town after another and wonder what you’d find there? Or driving down a state highway you see a sign pointing down a side road that says Jefferson – 10 miles, but you never take that side road because Jefferson isn’t on the way to anywhere you need to go.

Well, I’ve decided I’m going to visit these little places that people always pass by. I’m going to visit every town in Oregon, big or small. It will probably take me many years – Oregon is 98,466 square miles and has about 450 towns, depending on which source you consult. I’ll take at least one photo in each place and learn at least one interesting thing about each place. I’ll write about my experiences here on my blog.

It’ll take me awhile, but I think this will be fun and I’ll get to learn a lot about my home state!

Oregon Towns Project