Wildflower bonanza on Silver Star Mountain

With work schedules and other commitments, today was the only day that Greg and I could hike Ed’s Trail on Silver Star Mountain. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to flip off the sunshine switch today, so we were cheated out of views. Thankfully the wildflowers were GLORIOUS!

A warning to those of you that go here. The last 2.7 miles to the trailhead are pretty bad. Large rocks, deep holes, deep trenches. Although I have seen low-clearance cars make it, I personally recommend a high-clearance vehicle.

Starting out from the trailhead, the flower show begins right away, as it always does in early summer.

When Ed’s Trail connected back up with the old road we abandoned our original plan to go to the summit and the Indian Pits. We were cold and damp. So we headed back to the TH via the old road, enjoying Mother Nature’s flower garden the whole way down.

Although the flower display is fabulous right now, there are some flowers that haven’t come out yet. The tiger lilies are JUST getting started, and the gentian haven’t started at all. The flower show should be good for at least another two weeks, depending on the weather.

I adore this hike. I can’t think of any other trail where the wildflowers are this abundant, varied, and widespread. You can’t go more than a tenth of a mile or so without seeing carpets of wildflowers.