A soggy hike on the Multnomah-Wahkeena loop

Saturday’s forecast predicted rain, but this time of year the forecast can barely be taken as a suggestion, let alone fact. So Greg and I went hiking anyway. It rained. Sigh. (Ironically enough, I stayed home on Sunday because rain was also predicted for that day and I didn’t feel like getting soaked again. But THAT was the nicer of the two days. Doh!)

Still a fair amount of water coming down Multnomah Falls.

So much water

Took a shot of Little Multnomah Falls above. I usually skip the viewpoint when I do this hike.

Little Multnomah Falls

Greg and I were here just three months ago and this log at Dutchman Falls was not here. Yet another waterfall obscured by a fallen tree.

Dutchman Falls

A little bird serenaded us from a log at the base of Weisendanger Falls. Birdsong is surprisingly loud. We could hear it loud and clear over the roar of the waterfall.

Weisendanger Falls

I was totally disheartened to see snow on the ground on the trail between Multnomah and Wahkeena Creeks. This is below 1500 feet. It is April. Spring felt very very far away when I walked this section of trail.


When I got to the first junction, I took the longer trail on the right, rather the one on the left that I normally take. It was QUITE muddy and slippery. But it did take me across the creek that forms Fairy Falls a little further downstream, and I got this lovely little shot.

A moment of peace

As soon as I reached Wahkeena Creek, the rain started falling hard again, and continued to do so the entire way down the creek, ceasing, of course, once I left the creek. Grrrr….. I attempted some quick pictures at a few spots, exposing my camera to a thorough soaking, but it was pretty hopeless. Lots of water spots on the lens.

Rain drowns the magic

Things are starting to green up a little out there, and I even saw a few trilliums. But we’re still several weeks away from seeing more green than brown.

I wonder if there are plans to replace the smashed bridge over Wahkeena Creek? The mess of boards and logs they have over the creek now is quite tricky to cross when they are slippery from rain and the creek water is high.