Joe’s Point

Type: Crow’s nest
Status: Abandoned
Elevation: 3,653
Visited: September 23, 2012

A crow’s nest lookout was built in a tree at Joe’s Point around 1930. Someone found the tree and hid a geocache there so Greg and I set out to find it. The topo map shows Road 140 going almost all the way out to the point, but that road has actually been decommissioned just past a large quarry. It’s probably possible to walk the decomissioned road out to the point, but there were a couple of scary-looking target shooters at the quarry so we decided to find a safer place to park the car. We drove down Road 160 until we were just below Joe’s Point, then walked up.

This route turned out to be pretty straightforward because we followed the route of a very old long-gone road. There was lots of blowdown to negotiate, but the old road was easy to follow and it actually looks like it gets used on a somewhat regular basis, maybe by hunters We also saw a couple of blue diamonds high up on the trees, so this must also be a recreation route in winter.

After about 20 minutes we came out at the top in a grassy meadow. It’s all brown now but I bet it’s beautiful and green earlier in summer.

Joe's Point

We found the tree, which still has remnants of the crow’s nest clinging to the trunk and upper branches. There used to be a ground cabin here as well but all signs of it are long-gone.

Joe's Point fire lookout

Crow's nest tree