Pechuck Mountain

Type: Stone cupola cabin
Status: Maintained by volunteers
Elevation: 4,339 feet
Visited: October 5, 2013

After two weeks of awful rain we finally got a sunny weekend in northwest Oregon. Greg and I headed down to the Table Rock Wilderness to visit the lookout on Pechuck Mountain. The road that gets you very close to the lookout is closed to the public, so we parked at the Rooster Rock trailhead and hiked in.

Pechuck Lookout

The lookout on Pechuck Mountain is unusual because it was constructed from stone instead of wood. It is the only standing stone lookout in Oregon.

Old lookout

It hasn’t been used as a lookout since the 1960s and it fell into serious disrepair for awhile. But in the 1990s it was restored by the BLM and volunteers.

Stone house on a mountaintop

Anyone can stay in the lookout for free.




There is even a ladder for accessing the cupola.


Greg in the cupola

The views are getting pretty overgrown now, but this is still a lovely spot.

In the cupola

For more background and history on this lookout, check out this 2012 video:

Pechuck Lookout from Clackamas County on Vimeo.