Point Prominence

Type: 82′ tower with L-4 cabin
Status: Staffed in summer
Elevation: 6,745 feet
Visited: August 18, 2012

Back in August Greg and I spent a week exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness and ended our trip by visiting some fire lookouts. The first was Point Prominence on the west side of the Wallowa Mountains. Road 6220 and the spur road to the summit were both in atrocious shape. I would not call this a gravel road since gravel is not the size of baseballs!

It got bad enough that I parked the Outback at the base of the spur road and we walked the last stretch to the top.

First we visited the site where the first lookout from 1931 used to stand.

The we wandered over to where the 1954 lookout was constructed.

Point Prominence Lookout

This lookout is still staffed in summer. The guy up there didn’t invite us up, so we went over to a rocky cliff where we could see east down into the Minam River.

Point Prominence panorama

Looking back to the lookout.

Floating above the trees

The outhouse has some pretty entertaining graffiti.

Outhouse graffiti

Outhouse graffiti