Black Butte Cupola Being Restored

Volunteers with Friends of the Metolius have been working with the Forest Service to restore the old 1923 D6 cupola on Black Butte in the Deschutes National Forest. When I hiked up there in 2016 it was looking a bit run-down so I’m very glad to hear that restoration efforts are underway. Thank you volunteers!

Friends of the Metolius has updates and photos on their website:

Black Butte D-6 Cupola Lookout RESTORATION PROJECT

Black Butte Cupola Lookout Restoration Project: UPDATE

Black Butte Cupola Lookout Restoration Project: 3rd WEEK UPDATE

Black Butte Cupola Restoration: Phase 1 COMPLETE

Central Oregon Daily also did a story on the project:

Volunteers Help Give Facelift to Historic Black Butte Fire Lookout