Gold Butte and Hawk Mountain Wrapped

It has been another bad wildfire year in Oregon. While several lookouts have burned in California, I haven’t heard of any burning in Oregon yet, although there are two being threatened by the Bull Complex Fire. According to Inciweb:

Following a round of lightning in the afternoon on August 2, four new fires were identified on the south end of the Mt. Hood National Forest. Three of the fires Janus, Kola, and Ridge Fires were located in the southeast corner of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness in the Janus Butte area. The fourth fire, Round Lake Fire, was located in the Round Lake area east of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness. A fifth fire, Ogre Creek Fire, was located on August 3rd in the same Round Lake area. By August 18, the fires had expanded towards one another and joined to make up the Bull Complex (formerly the Janus Complex)

On August 12 the Mt. Hood National Forest reported that Gold Butte Lookout had been wrapped as a precautionary measure:

And on August 25 they reported that they had wrapped the old living quarters cabin at Hawk Mountain (the lookout tower is long gone):