Klamath lookout photos

I had plans to be in the Ashland and Medford area over Memorial Day weekend, so when I learned that the Klamath/Lake district office for the Oregon Department of Forestry had lookout photos, I made plans to detour over to Klamath Falls on my trip. Since my contact at the office was going to be away today, he said that the rest of the staff would be made aware of my visit and the photos would be available.

But when I showed up this morning, no one knew who I was or what I was talking about. Calls were made to various people in various places but there was no one who knew anything. To her credit, the woman at the front desk rose to the occasion and went rummaging around to see what she could dig up for me. She was able to find about six or seven photos for me to scan, so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip. I have no idea how many more photos there were squirreled away somewhere. Since my contact wasn’t there and didn’t get them out for me ahead of time, I’ll never know.