Every Lookout in Oregon

Wildhorse Lookout

Type: 40′ L-4 tower
Status: Being restored
Elevation: 3,778 feet
Visited: June 29, 2014

The Wildhorse Lookout was built in 1947 after the original tower was crushed by heavy snow.

Wildhorse Lookout 1954

Unfortunately it became the victim of heavy snow again during the winter of 2007-2008. Fortunately the Sand Mountain Society began restoration efforts in 2008, which are still ongoing, although I saw no signs of recent activity on my visit.

The short access road is gated so we parked and walked up. The summit was shrouded in clouds but we could see the lookout from a distance.

The summit is a wide open prairie that seemed rather lonely and desolate on this cloudy day. The tower still stands but the cab has been dismantled and taken away for refurbishing.

Once the restoration efforts are completed the plan is to put this lookout into the rental program. This will make a great lookout for a rental and I hope to come back and stay here then.