Every Lookout in Oregon

Summit Point

Type: 20′ tower with L-4 cabin
Status: Staffed in summer
Elevation: 7,006 feet
Visited: August 17, 2013

This was one of only two lookouts we had time to visit while back in the Wallowas this summer. There is a road that goes all the way to the lookout, but it’s closed to traffic and in any case is extremely rough. From the trailhead it’s only a mile-long walk anyway.

The woman in the lookout came out to greet us and we chatted for a bit. We told her we were working on a geocaching challenge to find 50 lookout caches and we told her about some of the other ones we had visited in the area. When we mentioned that we had been to Point Prominence the year before she said she used to work over at that lookout. She also mentioned that starting this year they had to gate the spur road to the top because people were driving up there all hours of the night and causing quite a ruckus.

We didn’t linger long up there since a storm was headed our way.